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Hello Guys,

I would like to alert you about fraud that happens in the name of skydive courses in India by one Ex-navy personal who claims to have a dropzone in India.

They promise you to take Russia and will charge you 2.85L INR for 12 days AFF course.

The actual cost for the course is 1.30L Including VISA + AIR TICKET + Stay at Dropzone Krutitcy (Russia)

You will end up paying 150K INR Extra just to book your tickets. Agent cant helps you with any certification.

They claim that they are starting the dropzone in India soon, which they have been telling the same to all the students for the last 3 years.
Do not get trapped. Approach Dropzone Krutitsy directly and book your course. they will help you with your VISA.

Krutitcy Russia Skydive Contact & Website: (legit 100%)

+ 7 980 500 00 00 |

Scammers Page :

Do not get scammed.


    1. Hello Folks,
      I am the guy. Rajesh Kumar Nandagopla ( Ex Commander IN) you are looking for.
      +91 9390919195 , Any of you folks can contact me.
      Mr / Ms /T Anonymous, Shri Akshay Says & Shri/Smt/T 1 Says: (heard from so many).
      I am on Public Domain.
      Lets Share our mobile numbers and talk.
      Am a Techie too. B.Tech Mech (Marine/Underwater).
      We can talk. But i refrain talking to Anonymous folks.
      Bule Skies
      Techie Submariner

  1. Absolutely perfect.
    And the name of this Ex-Navy guy is Rajesh Nandagopal.
    I have a personal experience of getting scammed by him. And post your trip if you try to settle the expenses with this agent, he never replies to your mail and denies any kind of fund reversals. Also this guy is so cheap that, he steals groceries of students at the dzk in their absence. Also if you ask him GST bill of your payment, he will never provide u the same. Lately it has came to my notice that this guy was even court marshaled from Indian Navy.

  2. Finally happy to see this, Rightly said, this guy Rajesh nandagopal, he has been doing this for many years in skydiving now. Initially got court martialled from India navy on various charges of fraud, procurement of false bills, running skydiving camps on leave, defrauding exchequer of huge amounts running several lakhs etc etc, the list is endless.
    Modus operandi is simple, publish and circulate advertisement regarding skydiving, claiming to be owner of DZ India (which he is not and yet together a very interesting story) on Facebook before season starts, he asks for numbers and then calls each of them individually on WhatsApp not even a regular call as there is no recording option , sells a dream of AFF in Europe, Croatia being extra nice and all beloved at this point of time. Then he would ask people to transfer money in credit card account step by step, and everytime you ask about place details he will just keep on talking about here and there and then finally will land you up in a cheap place in Russia. He would charge as high as 30-45k INR for visa claiming various difficulty in visa processing which is always a tourist visa available for far too less. And this is just the beginning, it doesn’t stop here. He would personally make sure people don’t get the bills of jumps on manifest, tells everyone on dropzone that it’s his money and if someone even goes to ask for bills it’s refused saying Rajesh has specifically asked not to share. Anyone who oppses is marked as a rebel and he would start bitching about students to each other creating differences between all. Doesn’t stop here during the entire stay he would consume groceries of students claim those to be his, steal beers ,alcohol specially Vodka, eggs, provisions throughout stay and keep them hidden and shameless enough to cook and eat in front of everyone claiming it to be his. Best part is he would calculate his profit on each jump and if there is any repeat will scold students, ask them to go and fight the foreign administration of dropzone and then will play games himself portraying a gentleman and shooting over others shoulder. Then he would keep log books of all the students and tell them that he would issue A license in DZ India , which never is operational, ( owners of which are other persons, who seems to be defrauded by Rajesh claiming various reasons and technical problems causing delay in running the DZ).
    Coming to India, he would stop taking calls, reply to queries, create watsapp groups for people who speak the same tome and block guys who would ask questions regarding finances and all. Then there are students who cnt complete jumps because of fear factor, or weather , or his behaviour, or inability in progression, any reason he would talk about them in their back and would keep all the money. People who have completed training he would ask other skydivers to not talk to them, not pass knowledge, give false prices for further progression, while at same time would be nicer to the guys he is bitching about.
    All in all he acts like he is God of Skydiving in India and only he knows everything and nobody knows anything, he would even get drunk from stolen alcohol each night in dropzone, even during day, and show cheap mentality abusing and calling names to even Russian Instructors loudly and rowdily. He would take your money , and act like it’s his money and scold you for anything that you end up doing with your own money.
    He would end up talking money of students and expending it all on his personal female companion of travel.
    He has been doing this from years , even when asked directly he won’t answer and would ask his supporters to speak up for him, claiming how innocent he is , thinking everyone is 50 years old with that mentality. He frauds younger generation and seeks his support from older generation guys who have created a so called group of skydivers just to look down on fellow skydivers and bitch about them to each other.
    Of late he is also claiming that a new skydiving project in Hyderabad is his venture where he is nowhere related. The list of this guys activity is endless. He wants to control everything related to skydiving and forgets that he did his jumps on behalf of navy on taxpayers money , not prom his pocket and now when people spend their hard earned money he is jealous enough to misguide them, sell them false dreams, looting students and not even have balls enough to stand up his failure and speak up for matter.

    Guys beware, he has been doing this for years and is professional enough to manipulate you, make you beleive him , and fuck you over once you hand him the money, he has mastered this art over several years of malpractice.

    1. Hello Skydiving forum,

      My Name is Rajesh Kumar Nandagopal , +91 9390919195. I have a name, number and mail id.
      we can talk. understand your grievance, if any caused by me, we can address it. We can resolve issues and move on.
      Am available on call. But , not for anonymous folks.
      Blue Skies

  3. I completely agree with this… Plus I want to add on to the business model this scamster Rajesh…follows especially in trapping people in Bangalore –

    He follows a very simple plan, once his flyers are out on social media about the Skydiving program under Indian Parachute Association… Offcourse people reach out to him…. Then the things happen in following order

    Step 1 – He will call any new guy to Jakkur aerodrome in Bangalore for meeting…show him an age old cessna aircraft which belongs to someone else, claiming that it’s his.

    Step 2 – He will send the customized pdf saying these are the course fee and will tell that the course will be in european province Croatia most probably.

    Step 3 – He will call u to a club preferably Irish house or Druid garden in Shahakarnagar, Bangalore in presence of his two close aids(chamchas..whom i don’t want to quote names of, since they have done no harm to me) to boast about the experiences they have with him.

    Step 4 – Then comes the time for 1st installment of INR 1lakh which he will demand (he is open for negotiations as well, u can choose to pay any amount between 50k to 1lakh) and he will hold that for 1 month towards blocking tickets and procesing visa.

    Step 5 – Then when the time comes where he will take the passport for Visa processing. That’s the time when he will say that the destination is Krutitcy(Russia). But no change in oricing. Offcourse if someone is so excited for a Skydiving course thinking that it’s happening, u won’t think of cancellation, instead u will think about the result, that at the end u will be able to finish ur course.

    Step 6 – Once the visa is done he will ask for remaining balance payments as per the package u have selected AFF 2.5 lacs and with A license 3.5 Lacs.

    Step 7 – Once u reach DZK he will tell the manifest not to disclose any price chart to any guys who have accompanied him and he speaks so ill about them to the manifest over there like “these are idiots they don’t know anything about this sports, they can’t understand the pricing so don’t tell them, even if they ask redirect them to him”.

    Step 8 – None will reach the A license stage and even if someone reaches…he will suggest that A license will be given from DZ India. Tata bbye…

    With this model last year June 2020 he had taken close to 20 folks… minimum profit per folk he made us estimated around 1 lakh. So what he will do…he will take his son and a Russian interpretor alongside, make them do wind tunnel with the profits he earned from us. So that he can promote them as wind tunnel instructor at Hyderabad wind tunnel which is about to be operational soon, that also if I m not wrong people might have heard him claiming that he is a partner in that too like DZI.
    But hatsoff… Nice business idea😁😁

  4. Hello Anonymous,
    My Name is Rajesh Kumar Nandagopal, +91 9390919195. Am here standing tall. I may have done wrong according to you. But , i have a name number and e-mail id registered. We are techies, i assume. We can call and resolve it amicably. Unless and until you have ulterior motives…

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