PUBG Mobile Lite is now Available in Indonesia

PUBG Mobile Lite is now available for download in Indonesia, whose presence brings fresh air for smartphone owners with limited specifications. From Play Store data as of Friday (23/07/2021), the ‘light’ version of the PUBG Mobile game has been downloaded more than 10 million times. So, what is the difference between PUBG Mobile Lite and regular PUBG Mobile? As the name implies, PUBG Mobile Lite is a ‘light’ version of PUBG Mobile. That is, there are several things that have been trimmed so that this game can run on smartphones with low specifications, one of which is features.


Minimum Device ‘Spect’ PUBG Mobile Lite can run smoothly on devices with less than 2GB RAM capacity. Regarding storage space, this game has a capacity of around 400MB after installation. As for PUBG Mobile, it’s more than that. PUBG Mobile will run very smoothly on smartphones with high specifications, in relation to RAM, chipset , and GPU, especially flagship devices . Even so, gaming comfort can be adjusted to the device specifications. Regarding size, PUBG Mobile once installed will take up about 2GB of space.

Graphics Quality Although PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile are built using Unreal Engine 4, the graphics quality in the ‘light’ version is lower. In addition, in PUBG Mobile Lite there are no graphics settings, while in the regular version there are settings for HD, Ultra HD, and HDR. However, in PUBG Mobile Lite there are still Smooth and Balance options.


Quantity of Weapons In PUBG Mobile Lite it is only possible to carry two weapons. Thus, players must strategize what weapons to bring after jumping from the plane. This is different from the ‘unlimited’ PUBG Mobile.


Player Quantity As it is known that PUBG Mobile is able to accommodate 100 players at one time or in one party. This is different from the ‘light’ version which can only accommodate 40 players. In India, it is reported that Indian Express is capable of loading up to 60 players.


This Point Map is still related to the previous explanation, regarding the number of players. Because it only accommodates fewer players, the map in PUBG Mobile Lite is automatically smaller, measuring only 2 x 2 kilometers, while PUBG Mobile reaches 8 x 8 kilometers. Also read: PUBG Mobile Lite Android’s New Features Make it Easy for Gamers to Battle There is a positive side to the shrinking area of ​​this map, which is to make the battles run more exciting and faster. This difference is also not without reason, because it is related to the capacity of the PUBG Mobile Lite game itself which is indeed much lower.

Time Limit If in PUBG Mobile the game can last from 20 minutes to half an hour, in PUBG Mobile Lite it only runs for about 10 minutes. This means that players must set a strategy, because not only is the time getting tighter but the map is also smaller.



7. Server Many different between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile. Thus, the server the two are also separate. This means that PUBG Mobile Lite players will certainly not meet or fight with players from PUBG Mobile. For information, PUBG Mobile Lite is also one of the Google Play Store Editor’s Choice games for the Action Game category. Download PUBG Mobile Lite here for Android devices. As for the specifications of the game , it is not much different, which is compatible with the Android version 4.3 or higher with a raw capacity of about 40MB.

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